An R&D Centric Company

ART R&D team has a broad scope of research and engineering backgrounds that result in an extensive range of cutting edge capabilities. This is supported by the PhD dissertations and multiple publications in international research journals authored by ART engineers (IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IET Radar Sonar Navigation, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Systems).

Radar Systems

Design and analysis of radar systems and subsystems.


  • Ground surveillance
  • Coastal / maritime surveillance
  • Radar imaging (SAR, ISAR)
  • Foliage penetration radars
  • Digital Array Radars / Digital Beamforming

Expertise in key radar fields:

  • Statistical signal processing & detection theory
  • Advanced multi-target tracking
  • Millimeter-wave and microwave engineering.

In-house developed tools for radar performance prediction:

  • GIS-powered site-specific performance simulation for multi-radar deployments (ART Deployment Assistant)
  • Computer assisted sensor deployment

Microwave & Millimeter-Wave Engineering

Design and production of high performance microwave and millimeter-wave subsystems:

  • Circuit & Electromagnetic simulation
  • Thermal & MTBF analysis
  • High power amplifiers
  • Broadband transmitters
  • Ultra stable signal generators
  • Low noise receivers

Deep understanding of state-of-the art production technologies:

  • Multilayer microstrip circuits
  • Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC)

Electrical Engineering

Development of digital electronics subsystems and low frequency analog circuits

  • Direct digital synthesis boards for high quality radar signal generation
  • Custom FPGA based digital signal processing boards
  • High purity power supplies
  • cPCI and VPX Boards
  • cPCI and VPX Rear Transition Modules
  • Thermal management subsystems

Antennas & Positioner Units

Design of custom antennas and positioner units

  • Reflector antennas
  • Printed antennas
  • Feed-horns
  • Scan / positioner units with real-time multi-axis control systems

Embedded & Real-Time Systems

Implementation of real-time digital signal processors on COTS or in-house developed hardware platforms

  • Real-time digital signal processors design and simulation
  • FPGA development & simulation expertise (VHDL, Modelsim)
  • Linux embedded systems (x86, x86_64, PowerPC and ARM)
  • Experience with key COTS hardware platform suppliers

Data Visualization & GIS

GIS-powered multi-sensor command & control software

  • Camera integration
  • Semantic rules management
  • Multi-core high rate data processing

Real-time GPU accelerated custom data visualization & processing engines

  • 3D GIS
  • Scan-conversion of raw radar data
  • Radar coverage prediction