ART Optronic Platform

Electro optical surveillance system

ART Optronic Platform is a complete EO surveillance system based on a un-cooled thermal sensor, a compact CMOS camera and a high precision pan/tilt device. This combination provides a cost effective high performance multi-sensor (thermal and visible light) solution. The clear and sharp digital output video streams guarantee an improved threat assessment capability in complete darkness. ART Optronic Platform is designed to be physically integrated with ART Midrange radar: both sensors (radar and EO) can be therefore fast and conveniently deployed using a single mast. This configuration also allows for a complete 360 degrees’ field of view without the blind angles characteristic of multi-mast installations.


Advanced features such as a radar slew-to-cue operation mode that enables automatic optical tracking of the intruders detected by other sensors.


High speed and high precision pan/tilt unit that provides accurate and stable pointing control.


Designed to complement the detection ranges of ART radar products. A broad range of lenses can be used to customize the product to the required target classification and identification ranges.


Un-cooled (optionally cooled) microbolometer thermal sensor, high-resolution CMOS TV cameras on a high speed pan and tilt device.