Multi sensor geospatial software suite for integrated surveillance systems

ART HMI is a geospatial situational awareness software for surveillance systems which integrates multiple sensors, such as radars, cameras, RF detectors, C-UAS jammers and other devices, providing a common operational view.

The software includes the features that are required to deploy and operate integrated surveillance systems against emerging threats like micro-drones in key applications such as border surveillance or critical asset protection. ART HMI allows a fast reaction to any potential threat thanks to its Automatic Threat Evaluation System combined with an intuitive and simple user interface. Machine learning models are supported for advanced multi-target classification.

Sensor integration

ART HMI provides built-in command and control capabilities for ART radar products and high performance thermal & daylight cameras such as ART Optronic Platform. The command and control software is also compatible with third party radar and sensors using standard or custom communication protocols (NMEA0183, PELCO-D).


Intuitive and simple user experience suitable for untrained operators.


Open system architecture to integrate a variety of devices (radar, cameras, jammers, RF detectors, AIS, ADS-B).


High performance 3D Geographical Information System (GIS) engine that displays geo-referenced sensor data and events.


Automatic Threat Evaluation System providing a fast reaction time in critical situations. Deep learning models support for threat classification.