Situational Awareness Multi-sensor Software Suite

ART HMI is a geospatial situational awareness software for mission-critical operations and surveillance. It integrates multiple devices, such as radars, cameras and other sensor systems, into a single, easy to use display package. ART HMI allows a fast reaction thanks to its Automatic Threat Evaluation System combined with an intuitive and simple user interface.

Sensor integration

ART HMI provides built-in command and control capabilities for ART radar products and high performance thermal & daylight cameras such as ART Optronic Platform. The command and control software is also compatible with third party radar and sensors using standard or custom communication protocols (NMEA0183, PELCO-D).


Ready to run on conventional PCs, ART HMI provides an intuitive and simple display suitable for untrained operators thanks to its automatic threat assessment engine.


The software has been developed to support high resolution radar data rates and up to 1000 simultaneous devices.


ART HMI is based on a full 3D Geographical Information System, which allows auto-positioning, geo-fencing and geo-triggered events.


A state-of-the-art Automatic Threat Evaluation System reduces the reaction time in critical situations.