ART Midrange 3D

Industry leader micro-UAV detection & tracking with 360 degree coverage

ART Midrange 3D is the fourth generation of ART award-winning high-resolution C-UAS surveillance radar. This high-performance sensor is specifically tailored to address the requirements of the Security & Defense market and Air Traffic Regulation institutions in two key applications: counter small unmanned aerial vehicle systems (C-UAS) and unmanned aircraft traffic management (UTM). Featuring a 3D multi-beam antenna system and an additional high-power amplifier stage, the radar detects, tracks and classifies micro quadcopters and micro fixed-wing UAS with extended elevation coverage.

ART Midrange 3D can be complemented with electro-optical platforms, countermeasure devices and ART HMI Multi-sensor Command and Control Software, to obtain an industry leading integrated solution. The combination of these elements provides complete situational awareness and a common operational picture in complex real-life environments.

ART Midrange was awarded the Best Detection and Determination System prize in the international anti-drone contest organized by the MITRE corporation (USA Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems C-UAS Challenge) as part of the DroneRANGER system presented by Van Cleve and Associates.


Complete 360┬║ and wide elevation coverage with a single unit.


Fast 1 Hz scan rate in all operational modes to provide early target confirmation.


State-of-the-art detection range for micro and small UAVs. Detectable target RCS below 0.01 sqm.


Multi-beam antenna that provides a direct measurement of the target altitude.