Complete Offering

ART offer is based on a core of high performance sensors for end users and leading system integrators to build border surveillance and critical infrastructure protection systems as well as integrated surveillance system solutions.

ART’s solutions fully comply with the two key objectives to obtain the highest performance of a Border Surveillance System and of a Critical Infrastructure Protection System:

    • “Situational awareness" which measures the capability of the security operations staff to detect approaching and intrusion movements and finds reasoned grounds for control measures.
    • "Reaction capability", measures the lapse of time required to control any intruders’ movement and the time and means necessary to react adequately to unusual circumstances.

To comply with these objectives Security Services have to attend to the so called “Surveillance Paradigm”

And the solution that ART has developed to give response to this “Paradigm” is the INTEGRATED SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM SOLUTION (IS3), which is built combining three types of sensors plus a command, control and communications suite: