ART HMI is a state-of-the-art command and control software suite that provides the end-user with an invaluable Common Operating Environment based on the integration of different security subsystems and sensors into a single, unified and intuitive graphical interface.

ART HMI features management and control capabilities for border surveillance or critical infrastructure protection systems based on ART high resolution ground/coastal surveillance radars, ART underground surveillance sensors and high performance thermal & daylight cameras such as ART Optronic Platform. ART HMI is also directly compatible with third party sensors and cameras that use standard communication protocols (NMEA0183 and PELCO-D among others).

A geo-referenced common operational picture of the area under surveillance is automatically generated through the fusion of the information reported by the different sensors within the surveillance system. Radar tracks, underground sensor intruder reports and the field of view of each camera are displayed in layers overlaid onto a background map or orthophotograph. Key intruder information is clearly shown including its unique identifier, location, speed, heading vector, size and type. An intuitive manual or automatic intruder classification feature is available: color coded intruder symbols ease the management of own forces and interception operations.

Cameras can be automatically pointed towards detected intruders to minimize the time required to assess the threat. If desired, a specific intruder can be engaged by a particular camera: the camera will automatically and continuously follow the selected target. These actions can be triggered by the operator or be automatically started according to pre-specified rules (for example, an intruder entering a certain area or crossing a virtual fence). USB joysticks are also supported for manual camera operation.

Special areas with specific associated automatic behaviors can also be defined. For example, any radar detected target entering a specific zone can be automatically classified as a threat, color coded accordingly and tracked by the nearest camera.

The built in map module provides all the features of a modern Geographic Information System (GIS), for example, multiple simultaneous map layers (topographic, radar coverage prediction, tactical maps), arbitrary zoom levels and tools to measure the distance between selected points or objects.

Designed to improve the efficiency of its end users (Border Guards/CIP Security Services/Public Law Enforcement Services), ART HMI is suitable for non-trained operators and cost effective both for large and small scale deployments.

ART HMI Screenshots


Key Facts

  • Applications HMI

    • Border surveillance
    • Critical infrastructure protection
    • Military crisis deployments


    • Intuitive wide area Common Operational Picture
    • Outstanding situational awareness & reaction capability
    • Radar, thermal/daylight camera and underground sensor integration
    • Third party device/sensor integration (NMEA0183, PELCO-D…)
    • Automatic slew-to-cue of pan & tilt camera systems
    • User definable areas / virtual fences with associated custom behaviors
    • Fast deployment
    • Cost effective


    • Multi-sensor data fusion
    • Runs on conventional desktop or laptop PCs
    • Integrated high performance Geographic Information System (GIS)
    • Modular and scalable architecture



Company Information

  • ADVANCED RADAR TECHNOLOGIES S.A - ART is the leading Spanish technology company in high performance ground surveillance radars, integrated multisensor surveillance and command & control systems for critical infrastructure protection and border surveillance.

    ART business model is based on more than 20 years of innovation in radar, millimeter-wave technology and systems engineering. The core research and development team of the company comes from the Microwave and Radar Research Group of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), with extensive experience developing radar and microwave solutions in close cooperation with key players in the Spanish and European Defense & Aerospace Industry. The systems engineering team of ART offers an experience of fifteen years working in the development and deployment of the pioneer Spanish Maritime Border Surveillance System (SIVE) and several other surveillance systems in Eastern Europe.